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  • Analysis and assessment of actual and potential demands for the quantity and quality of compressed air.
  • Defining the size of the compressor station with compressor type, the maximum pressure and airflow.
  • Propose the proper compressor station equipment: compressors, dryers, filters, condensate drain and separators.
  • Selection of elements of pneumatic systems: compressed air tanks, piping, etc.
  • Defining the optimal operating conditions in the compressor stations: cooling, installment, ventilation, layout, etc.
  • Regeneration of waste heat – use for space heating.
  • E-control: compressor stations control systems – reporting on the use and possibilities of saving energy, maximum reliability.
  • Precise maintenance instructions.
  • Authorized service with original spare parts.
  • Repair and rehabilitation of the existing compressor systems.
  • Engineers and technicians with years of experience.
Technical support and guaranteeon all performed work.



Did you know that compressed air energy is the most commonly used energy after electricity?

Compressed air is very important energy source and now is present in all branches of industry and trade. To ensure optimal use of compressed air, it must be dry and clean, and in some special cases oil free. For that reason, it is very important the way in which the air you use is manufactured.

Compressors are “heart” of any system that uses compressed air, and it is essential that they are professionally optimized to your needs and reliable during the usage.

Optimal pneumatic installations are those that have the lowest installation costs, use and maintenance.

Our compressors, equipment and technical support provide those results.


  • Food industry – wineries, dairies, breweries, water and soft drinks factories, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Energy
  • Petrochemical industry


  • Design, supply and installation of the compressor stations: project design, delivery of the equipment and materials, installation, testing, commissioning of the system in operation, checking and training.For pneumatic systems to run efficiently, accurately and permanently, they need to be well selected, installed and put into the operation. Each system gives its best if used by trained users, and if properly maintained.
  • Reconstruction, rehabilitation and repair of the existing compressor stations: assessment, project design, delivery of the equipment and materials, removal and installation, testing, commissioning of the system in operation, checking and training. The reconstruction extends the life of the system, improves the technical characteristics and facilitates maintenance.
  • Consulting.
  • Service:regular maintenance and repairs (assessment, adequate technical solutions, technical documentation, provided spare parts, construction, etc.).