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ICI – Metalock Serbia and Montenegro is a member of METALOCK International Association.

  • The Metalock is the best cold method for repairing fractured or damaged housings and castings made of cast iron and steel. The repair is performed mechanically, without applying heat that is without creating internal stresses and in most cases without further mechanical processing.
  • Only members of METALOCKInternational Association useoriginal METALOCK materialand have specially trained staff to work according to MIA standards.
  • The process is so reliable that we give one year warranty on all work performed.


  • Marine – engine motor block frame (entablature), cylinder heads, broken stud bolt screw threads, cylinders,housings, castings, gearboxes, pumps, crankcase, flywheels.
  • Steel Industry–blast furnace, mills, gearboxes, converters, housings, driving shafts, stands.
  • Mining and Construction Mechanization –dump trucks, draglines, excavators, bulldozers, crushers, flanges, ball mils, gearboxes, pumps, generators, compressors, crusher gear tooth, boilers.
  • Transportation–blocks, cylinder heads, housings, castings, drilling cam and lifter housings.
  • Presses and Forges–Cold and hot forging presses, extruding presses, stamping presses, hydro forming presses, press beds, press rams, con rods, platens, flywheels, shafts.
  • Heritage -steam engines, trains, old trucks, presses, columns, bridges.
  • Power Plants–blades, housings, castings, pumps, generators, compressors, bearing seats, blade carrier, turbines rotor.
  • Paper Industry–gears, frames, housings, T heads, feeders.
  • Petrochemical Industry–flanges, valves, compressors, castings, diffusers, housings, wear plates.
  • Cement Industry–gearboxes, mills, pumps,furnace, fans, conveyor drives.
  • SugarPlants–mills, choppers, presses, beds, gearboxes, compressors, gears, housings, shredders, granulators.
  • Tire Industry–presses, gears, gearboxes housings and frames, T heads, extruders, mills.


  • The repairs are usually done on site, which saves time for dismantling and transportation.
  • Maintains the axial, compound and the original surface.
  • Absorbs compressive stress and flexural load spreading.
  • Performs relief from the critical points of intersection.
  • Loosens the internal stresses that lead to fracture.
  • Provides low coefficient of expansion compared to the fixed metal (original material).
  • The procedure is cold, and does not require the introduction of heat, which could introduce new stresses.
  • Returns around 80 % of original strength, and with special reinforcement up to 150 %.
  • Joining of dissimilar materials.
  • Reliable, permanent and high quality solutions.
  • One year warranty.


Three elements are used in repair:

Masterlocks  |  Metalock keys   |   Metalock screws


The Metalock process is a unique cold method of repairing fractures or damage to all types of castings



Metalock repair to broken MAN Main Engine Motor Block Frame (entablature)

Motor block frame was damaged in the upper area. Our solution was to repair the damaged Window Frame using an Angle Masterlockthat also include the new threaded bolt holes.


Metalock repair of broken stud bolt screw thread in MAN Main Engine Block

Inspection: In the area of the main engine motor block on the 3rd cylinder we found a damaged studhole. It was also noted that a crack had propagated to the Water Cooling Flange that contained the thread, so it was necessary to repair this, along with the damaged Cooling System Flange.

Repair: We propose METALOCK/MASTERLOCK technique as solution for repair.  Sealing area around cooling flange behind stud bolt was also damaged so new masterlock has been made to include cooling system pipe and new threads for flange.


Metalock repair of Motor Cylinder

After NDT inspection, we found 1 crack length 100mm. It was repaired with 4Metalock keys.


Metalock repair of MAN Cylinder Cover

Two cracks with a total length of 1 m were repaired in the inner area of a MAN Cylinder Cover, using the Metalock cold repair technique. The repair was completed within 16 hours.


Metalock repair of Free Fall Forging Hammer Housing

Damage has occurred to the Forging Hammer Housing, caused by misalignment during the forging process.

Four different Masterlockswere inserted, becoming integral with the parent casting and returning the Housing back to it working shape.


Metalock repair of Rubber Mixer Housing


 Metalock repair of Gearbox Housing