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  • Inspection of safety valves during operation in EX Zone
  • ATEX approved equipment
  • Accreditation certificate nr. 01-383 issued by Accredited body of the Republic of Serbia according to  SRPS ISO /IEC 17025 for online safety valve inspection
  • 14 years of experience in ON LINE safety valve testing
  • Online safety valve testing offers great advantages over conventional testing.
  • Testing is performed with proofed, reliable and automatized LEGATEST device according to standard ISO 17025


  • Safety valves with spring


DISCOVER ADVENTAGES OF ONLINE TESTING in relation to the standard testing

  • Safety valves can be tested without being removed from the pressure equipment. No time is spent / no cost for removing valves from the plant.
  • The test can be performed in hardly accessible and remote locations, inside or outside of plant, in winter or summer!
  • No new seals are necessary.
  • Welded valves (on pipeline) can be tested on site, so there are no expenses for cutting, welding personal, weld inspectionsand time consuming procedures.
  • Testing is performedunder realistic conditions: temperature, real working media, system accumulation…
  • The test allows for eventual backpressure, and all other operation influences.
  •  The readjustment of opening pressure can be done easily.
  •  Testing report is printed immediately, containing all results, technical data & graphs, such as opening pressure, indication of closing pressure, quality (adjustment) of the spring, effect of the nozzle ring, and effect of the guide ring.
  • Reduced production loss.
  • Expandplant lifetime through reduced material stress.
  •  Reduced damage like valve seat erosion or deposits in boiler tubes.
  •  Reduced noise level.
  •  Reduced fuel consumption.


  • Legatest opens the valve slightly by pulling the spindle.
  • Force, pressure and lift sensors are sending signals to electronic data acquisition in test control unit.
  • After the testing procedure, we determine the opening point. The system calculates and displays the testing results.

When testing with Legatest we record the values of three parameters in given interval of time / obtain three curves:

  •  Displacement of valve spindle versus time
  •  System pressure versus time
  •  Pulling force versus time

The following could be also observed:

  • effect of the nozzle ring
  •  effect of the guide ring
  • spring quality
With Legatest, we can perform the following tests on safety valves:
  • HOT test –while the plant is operating
  • COLD test –while the plant is shut down.
With Legatest could be set maximum lift and force limitation.
  • Minimum time of the test:4-8 s.
  • Minimum time of medium flow 1-2 s
  • Minimum chance of seat contamination.
  • No possibility of seat damaging.